It is the Ghana Mango Week ( in Accra. We were invited to make a presentation on the new European plant health regulation. A workshop was also organised to start the dialogue between public and private stakeholders from the mango industry in order to start the preparation of the national dossier (to be sent to the European Union) outlining the treatments applied and explaining the measures in place to ensure that exported mango is free from fruit fly. This dossier must be submitted by the Ghanaian authorities, but it is critically important that it is prepared together with industry representatives to ensure that the management plan is effective and practical for both broad- and small-scale growers. The workshop was a success and we would like to thank all participants.

Besides our participation to the Ghana Mango Week, we took the opportunity to meet and visit several Ghanaian beneficiaries and stakeholdersĀ šŸ‡¬šŸ‡­Ā Amongst those, a working meeting with the Plant Protection & Regulatory Services Direction was organized. Orange flesh sweet potato producing companies, a growing industry in the region, were visited, as well as pineapples producing companies.

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