• Impacts of Covid-19 on horticultural SMEs in Ghana September 24, 2020 - COLEACP’s surveys in the early months of the pandemic aimed to gather first-hand information on the impact of Covid-19 on operators of horticultural businesses, and assess how support from COLEACP and other partners could best be redirected as a response. These were not intended to be systematic surveys – respondents were self-selecting, and the operators… Read more
  • COVID-19 – Update on trade and markets in ACP countries and the EU for horticultural products September 24, 2020 - Many countries have put in place special measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). These measures, as well as changes in food purchasing habits, have an impact on trade. In addition, concerns are mounting for the health and livelihoods of the workers who produce, deliver and sell our food worldwide. COLEACP remains on… Read more
  • E-Workshop on the implementation of an internal audit system September 24, 2020 - As part of #COLEACP's Fit For Market SPS programme, a e-workshop on “Implementation of an internal audit system” was held on 23 September. The virtual session gathered NPPO internal audit managers from Ghana, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zimbabwe. During the workshop, facilitated by the expert Samuel Muchemi with participation by COLEACP's Regional Programme Managers, the… Read more
  • Pest Free Areas workshop September 24, 2020 - The Plant Protection and Regulatory Services Directorate (PPRSD) of MOFA, Ghana, with #COLEACP, gathered 20 stakeholders in the curry leaves sector (at the Hotel Paloma and via Zoom). This participatory workshop brought together key representatives from both public and private sectors in Ghana to create awareness about the challenges in establishing and maintaining Pest Free… Read more
  • Virtual meeting between Sea-freight Pineapple Exporters of Ghana and COLEACP June 15, 2020 - M. Stephen Mintah, General Manager of Sea-freight Pineapple Exporters of Ghana (SPEG) and Chairman of COLEACP, attended a virtual meeting with COLEACP's team as part of COLEACP's COVID-19 measures to ensure market access and food security activities. Read more
  • First digital training in Ghana April 24, 2020 - Due to COVID-19, we have moved forward to digital training. Coleacp trainers SARPONG Mark and ADDY Kenneth introduced the first digital training in Ghana, on integrated management for fruit fly control for fresh export technical managers. Trainees followed online courses and did exercises to put their knowledge into practice. Discussions on Zoom platform about each… Read more
  • VALIDATION WORKSHOP ON THE GLOBALGAP NATIONAL INTERPRETATION GUIDELINES VERSION 5.2 (NIG) FOR GHANA March 19, 2020 - A national stakeholders workshop on Ghana's GLOBALG.A.P National Interpretation Guideline for Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) 5.2 was held by the National Technical Working Group in collaboration with the GIZ - German International Cooperation, the Market Oriented Agriculture Programme (MOAP), Federation of Associations of Ghanaian Exporters - FAGE GHANA (FAGE), and Coleacp's Fit for Market Programme… Read more
  • COLEACP TRAINING TO GHANIAN COMPANIES IN THE PROCESS OF COMPLYING WITH GLOBALG.A.P March 11, 2020 - As part of Coleacp's "Fit for Market" programme, several ghanaian companies in the process of complying with GLOBALG.A.P. have been trained to understand the specificities of the EU premium market for vegetables in the context of voluntary standards such as GLOBALG.A.P. Read more
  • COLEACP FIELD TRAINING WORKSHOP IN ACCRA February 11, 2020 - Field training Workshop in Accra, Technical managers in exporting companies reinforced their skills in transmitting learning to small-scale producers and workers. Participants learned to conduct short training courses on the topics covered in their previous courses, using animations. Read more
  • COLEACP SUPPORT TO HPW FRESH AND DRY LIMITED January 10, 2020 - Ghanaian dried fruit producer and exporter HPW Fresh And Dry ltd has been working to improve its waste management, supported by Coleacp’s Fit For Market programme. Better composting methods reduce waste and improve the soil’s nutrient balance – a win-win result. Read more

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